Agriculture Types

Agriculture Types

Agriculture is one of the indispensable activities for a country. It is one of the sectors that rely on many farmers, peasants and citizens as well as employers and the country in terms of employment.

From the food we consume to the time of their cultivation, the importance of agriculture and favorable lands to be cultivated is undoubtedly enormous. Below we will give you information about the most common types of agriculture.

  • Traditional agriculture varies from culture to culture, from region to region, sometimes from a culture and even from a region to a tribe. This is usually a mixed, vivid and dynamic network of relationships. In this system, there are varieties of high-efficiency breeding and some degree of mechanization.
  • Convective agriculture is the normal agricultural practices, the widely applied agricultural system today. Genetically modified high yields of plant and animal species and breeds of single-product agriculture, agricultural and chemical inputs are continued with intensive use. Salinity and sodication (sodium accumulation in the soil, aridification) problems arise due to soil destruction due to frequent and intensive soil cultivation and irrigation in excessive and inappropriate methods in most places.
  • Sustainable Agriculture is agricultural practices that are based on sustainable land and land use, but do not have very specific rules, but aim to develop them by using other natural resources but not by consuming them.
  • Integrated (Integrated Agriculture) are agricultural practices that can be called as sustainable cultivation system, which allow the use of chemicals in a limited way, but do not have very strict rules.
  • Organic Agriculture includes plant seizures, green manure, compost, “biological pest control” and is based on mechanical processing to ensure soil productivity; synthetic fertilizer, pesticide, hormone, animal feed additives and genetically modified organisms reject or limit the use of agricultural methods.
  • Vertical Agriculture means to produce products vertically stacked. Soil can be used in this method as well as soilless or aeroponic forms can be produced. Vertical agriculture has been developed for product growing under difficult conditions where fertile soils are scarce or unavailable. This method is carried out using skyscraper-like structures and focused farming methods that allow different kinds of fruits and vegetables to be grown in mountainous regions, deserts and cities.

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