Consumer Habits after Covid-19

Consumer Habits after Covid-19

The last 2 years of humanity have been spent trying to escape from a great pandemic and end it. Covid-19 Pandemic of course a pandemic that affects our lives in a really bad way and will be remembered with grief through the ages but could we deny the things it taught the busy people of the 21st century? While we were not thinking about how aware we are of our own health and how we can strengthen our health during our busy agenda, the pandemic hit us in the face of this necessity. After the pandemic, we realized that our health is the most important thing in our lives. So how can we protect our health ourselves? When we ask ourselves this question, the first thing that comes to our mind is healthy eating.

As seen from researches a large part of people realize this necessity and due to their healthy lifestyle choices, they started to pay attention to what they eat. Consumers want to know the ingredients of their food and want to learn more about the history and the story of the product. For consumers, food quality and food safety have become significantly important after Covid-19 Pandemic.

EIT Food, Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, indicates -based on researches- that almost half (49%) of the consumers consider protecting their health has become more important after the pandemic while 35% start to prefer purchased more local products. Almost nine out of 10 (87%) think they would continue to practice these habits they have acquired during the pandemic.

While customers who want to consume fresh and safe food are directed to local products, another effect of the pandemic is observed as an increase in environmental awareness. Due to increasing environmental awareness during the pandemic, consumers began to support sustainability. Increased social awareness made consumers prefer sustainable products.

Long story short the pandemic has changed humanity’s priorities, making them pay more attention to their own and the environment’s health. And the action starts with healthy eating choices, food safety, and sustainability. At this point, our product Trusty could help you make your products safer and traceable for your conscious consumers.

Trusty will provide you a service that record your cultivation and harvesting data and transform it into consumer-facing quality and sustainability communications with our transparency software specifically designed for farmers.


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