Diseases in Plant Production

Diseases in Plant Production

Diseases in Plant Production

The right conditions and effort are necessary for the healthy growth of the plant. Diseases that occur while the plant is growing can prevent its healthy growth and even lead the plant to death.

Plant disease, is an impairment of the normal state of a plant that interrupts or modifies its vital functions. All species of plants, wild and cultivated alike, are subject to disease.

Plant diseases are known from times preceding the earliest writings. As we understand, plant diseases are always a challenging issue for plant breeders. The way to grow healthy plants by coping with plant diseases is made possible by early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. The sooner the disease of the plant is noticed and the sooner it is cured, the better product will be produced.

Making timely and accurate diagnoses is a key point to save and grow the plant. Diagnosis of plant disease is dependent mainly on observations of the symptoms of the disease and the presence of a pathogenic agent in or on diseased tissues. While the use of artificial intelligence in agriculture is becoming more and more widespread, one of the features it provided was the diagnosis of disease. AI technology helps diagnose plant diseases, pests, and malnutrition on farms, and AI sensors can detect and identify weeds.

If you are wondering how you can diagnose the disease using AI and save your plant, meet the new feature of Farmio.

Farmio diagnoses the disease of your plant from the plant photos you send and tells you what you need to do to grow your plant healthy.

To diagnosed your plant’s disease upload clear pictures of the problem areas of your plants for any disease or causes of plant stress using image recognition tools and indoor horticulture experts’ validation.


To learn more about Farmio’s new feature; https://app.forfarming.co/features

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