Farm Automation


Unlock the full potential of your farm with automation


Automate your environment control operations with Farmio. Reduce manual work, grow crops in an optized environment, and get better harvests while you have more time to focus on other important tasks.

A farm automation solution to minimize your workload and maximize your harvest


Farmio has a wide range of third-party integrations so that you can utilize equipment that is the most available to you.

Get your farm to work 7/24 all by itself
Automate all lighting, irrigation, fertigation, and climate control processes. Your farm can handle many tasks without interruption.
Eliminate manual tasks to save your precious time
Automated monitoring and control enable your farm to grow the best plants without requiring constant attention and work.
Don’t let small mistakes perish your crops
Automated systems apply the right amount of water, nutrients, light, and climate every single time to minimize crop loss.
Cloud-based farm automation solution for facilities of any size

Farmio for Farm Automation


Farmio easily connects to all hardware and sensors at your farm to turn your farm into a smart, autonomous system. Optimize all environmental conditions at your facility with Farmio farm automation software to get perfect harvests with minimum effort.

Set custom rules and schedules


Automatically control all of your ligting, irrigation, fertigation, and HVAC systems using real-time measurement data of your sensors according to your custom rules and schedules to ensure all conditions are within the parameters you set at all times.

Receive instant alerts & notifications


Instantly receive alerts when any critical event that needs your attention occurs, such as suboptimal environmental conditions or hardware failures, so that you can take action in time and avoid any potential losses. Receive notifications for other important developments to always stay in touch.

Remotely Monitor Your Facility


View the real-time and historical data of all environmental conditions as well as the operation logs of your automated devices from wherever you are, using any smart device, so that you know your farm is in good hands and can focus on other tasks.

Connect Farmio to whatever equipment you have on hand


Farmio has a wide range of third-party integrations so that you can utilize equipment that is the most available to you.


Lower Cost

Why spend additional money on hardware when you already have working devices? Farmio can connect to the devices you have, using very affordable communication equipment to save costs.

Shorter Lead Time

There is no need to wait for long shipment times to connect with Farmio. You can find everything you need from local suppliers.

Less Effort

You don’t have to renew all systems at your facility. Farmio can connect and improve all of your existing systems at any stage of automation.

Looking for a solution to automate your farm? Try Farmio


Get better harvest with less effort. Utilize cloud-based farm automation now!