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Farmio allows indoor farmers to remotely monitor and automatically optimize all environmental conditions to improve harvest yields while reducing their workload.

Get perfect results each harvest, without any hassle


Farmio precisely controls the growing conditions of your plants to ensure that you get perfect yield and quality consistently while saving on time and resources.

Remotely Monitor Your Facility

View the real-time and historical data of all environmental conditions and the actions of your automated devices from wherever you are using any smart device. 

Receive Instant Alerts & Notifications

Receive instant alerts and take action in time for any critical event that needs your attention, such as suboptimal environmental conditions or hardware failures, and avoid any potential losses.

Automatically Control All Conditions

Automate your environmental control systems using custom rule sets to make sure you never miss any critical task and keep all conditions optimized at all times without spending any effort. 

Diagnose Plant Diseases

Diagnose any pests, diseases, or other problems you detect in your plants with only a few photos using our AI image recognition tool.

Improve Plant Growing Recipes

View the real-time and historical data of all environmental conditions and the actions of your automated devices from wherever you are using any smart device. 

How 70+ indoor farming businesses get great results with Farmio


From huge vertical farms larger than 3000 square meters to micro-farming units smaller than 2 square meters, Farmio helps indoor farmers around the world grow better crops faster and easier.

Urban Cool Farm utilizes Farmio to save over 1400 hours

8farm boosts production by over 40% using Farmio

PurpleLeaf minimizes crop loss with Farmio remote monitoring & automation system

Solution Areas



Farmio helps you grow plants in the most suitable environment for the best results

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Stay connected to your farm with Farmio’s real-time monitoring and instant notifications, wherever you are, at any time.

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Automate your growing operations with Farmio to save your valuable time and resources.

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Data Analytics


Utilize Farmio’s data analytics capabilities to improve your plant growing recipes and diagnose diseases.

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Connect Farmio to whatever equipment you have on hand


Farmio has a wide range of third-party integrations so that you can utilize equipment that is the most available to you.


Lower Cost

Why spend additional money on hardware when you already have working devices? Farmio can connect to the devices you have, using very affordable communication equipment to save costs.

Shorter Lead Time

There is no need to wait for long shipment times to connect with Farmio. You can find everything you need from local suppliers.

Less Effort

You don’t have to renew all systems at your facility. Farmio can connect and improve all of your existing systems at any stage of automation.



Get the power, control, and customization you need to manage your farming business.

Farmio AutomateUp to 14 devices billed montly
US $135 per month

Remote control and automation of all devices and unlimited usage of the Disease Diagnosis and Growing Recommendation tools

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Farmio OptimizeUp to 14 sensors and devices, billed montly
US $185 per month

Remote monitoring of all environmental conditions and instant notifications plus all contents of the Farmio Automate plan

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Need to connect more than 14 device groups?


We offer discounts and custom plans for larger indoor farms!

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