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See real-time conditions, change control settings of your devices, analyze your past data, and optimize your plant growing environment using any smart device, from anywhere in the world, at any time – without leaving Farmio.

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View all environmental conditions in real-time at a single glance

See a summary of the live conditions of all environmental parameters to have an instant overview of the general situation of all of your growing zones.

Get key insights and trends about all environmental parameters easily

Charts and graphs help you troubleshoot problems faster. View the changes in any environmental parameter over time at multiple locations in your growing zones. See the breakdown of your data in daily, monthly, or yearly timeframes.

Analyze all of your data in-depth to gain a better understanding of what is happening

Store all of your environmental condition data indefinitely. Filter data to gain unique perspectives and export bulk data in Excel or CSV formats for further analysis.  

Always keep track of everything happening on your farm, no matter where you are

See the activity logs of all of your devices to be sure that everything is working as planned. 

Implement visibility in all aspects of your indoor farm. See remote monitoring in action.

Get real-time alerts for suboptimal environmental conditions

You will be instantly alerted if any environmental parameter is outside of your desired range at any time so that you can take the necessary actions against unforeseen outside influences or hardware failures. 

Always stay up-to-date about everything happening in your facility

Farmio sends notifications when the devices at your farm start and stop working according to their automation settings. 

Receive early warnings for suspected device failures

Farmio will warn you when the devices at your facility do not create the expected effects while working to help you detect problem areas in time and easily and prevent significant damage to your production. 

Get immediately informed about disruptions at your farm and stay in control during incidents. See alerts & notifications in action.

Set custom ranges for each environmental parameter

Define your desired ranges for all environmental parameters to automatically control respective devices accordingly and keep the environment optimal for plant growth at all times.

Schedule working plans for your devices

You can set schedules for devices that need to work according to the time of the day rather than environmental parameters, such as lighting or irrigation. 

Let Farmio take control of your automation process

Farmio has AI-generated plant growing recipes. If you are unsure what are the most suitable ranges for each environmental parameter for optimal growth, you can use the AI-controlled mode simply by selecting the type and growth stage of your crops.

Don’t spend time on manual work. Optimize your environmental conditions with Farmio to grow better crops faster. See automated control in action.

Identify any diseases, pests, and other plant stress

Farmio will warn you when the devices at your facility do not create the expected effects while working to help you detect problem areas in time and easily and prevent significant damage to your production. 

Minimize crop loss and quality problems by getting accurate and actionable insights to deliver more value to your customers. See plant disease diagnosis in action.

Optimized recipes for maximum growth and perfect quality

Utilize optimal plant growing recipes Farmio AI has generated by correlating millions of data points for environmental conditions for pH, EC, ambient temperature, humidity, VPD, CO2, PAR, and more parameters, along with harvest cycle lengths and yields.

Improve your existing recipes by analyzing your data with Farmio AI

Upload your existing plant growing recipes and harvest data to get comparisons with Farmio benchmarks and improvement recommendations.

Optimize environmental conditions for higher harvest yields and better quality crops. See recipe optimization in action.

Connect Farmio to whatever equipment you have on hand


Farmio has a wide range of third-party integrations so that you can utilize equipment that is the most available to you.


Lower Cost

Why spend additional money on hardware when you already have working devices? Farmio can connect to the devices you have, using very affordable communication equipment to save costs.

Shorter Lead Time

There is no need to wait for long shipment times to connect with Farmio. You can find everything you need from local suppliers.

Less Effort

You don’t have to renew all systems at your facility. Farmio can connect and improve all of your existing systems at any stage of automation.

Produce up to 50% more crops yearly

Shorten your growth cycles and improve yields by providing optimal growing conditions to your plants with Farmio.


Consume up to 40% fewer resources

Farmio eliminates excess electricity, water, and nutrients usage and controls your systems more efficiently.


Achieve high-quality every harvest

Provide the exact needs of your crops precisely and consistently with Farmio to get perfect results each time.


Spend up to 60% less time on daily tasks

Farmio streamlines your operations and grants you complete visibility and control over your farm to minimize manual labor.

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