Food Safety with Vertical Agriculture

Food Safety with Vertical Agriculture

Vertical greenhouses provide approximately 8 times more growing area than the greenhouse systems with the same floor area and multi-storey designs. However, both the yield per unit area increases and the nutritional needs of the rising population are more easily met then traditional methods.

In addition, it is much easier and advantageous to produce safe, nutritious and delicious products with vertical farming method compared to similar agricultural systems.

One of the biggest problems to be addressed is the use of pesticides in agriculture. The fact that people are confronted with these GMO and chemical drugs in almost every fruit and vegetable is an unquestionable problem for health and future. Together with vertical farming, producers follow an environmentalist policy thanks to higher yields and less waste, while every agricultural product that can be grown in the greenhouse has the opportunity to grow organically, which is of course one of the most important conditions for healthy and quality nutrition.

In addition, with the widespread use of vertical farming methods, excessive rise in food prices due to supply drop can be prevented and seasonally changing food prices can be reduced. These greenhouses, which can be installed in the vicinity of big cities in a short period of time, can also constitute an important investment area.

Vertical agriculture plays a major role in the natural and organic growth of the product to be grown from the beginning to the end of the crop, which is intended to be continuously monitored by the computer by processing the requests of the fruits, vegetables or plants that are considered to be cultivated by the computer database. In addition, environmental pollution is reduced in the vertical farming method where tractors, irrigation pumps and other garden equipments are not used. Water use is only 10% of traditional methods.

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