How Getir Benefited from Implementing Trusty

How Getir Benefited from Implementing Trusty


This case study addresses the challenges our customer Getir faced and how using Trusty helped them overcome these challenges. 

Getir is a fast-expanding, innovative online grocery delivery company, and they were searching for new ways of improving their services to get ahead of their competition and increase growth.  

By implementing Trusty, they managed to encouraged consumers’ online shopping habit in the ultra-fresh produce category, improved its pioneering innovator image, and attracted even more attention from consumers nationwide resulting in over a 9% increase in the ultra-fresh produce category sales.


Getir is the largest online grocery delivery company in Turkey. In the first half of 2021, Getir achieved over 900% growth and expanded its business throughout Europe. During this time, they have been looking for new ways of expanding globally, increasing market capitalization, and growing their business. However, their rapid success created many competitors threatening their business in the form of other emerging online delivery companies and major retail chains starting their online delivery services. This situation forced Getir to continuously innovate and improve its value proposition in order to grow as planned. 

The ultra-fresh produce category could potentially create a significant volume of additional orders for Getir due to the perishable nature of the products requiring the consumers to order frequently. However, many of Getir’s customers still weren’t comfortable purchasing fresh produce without inspecting and selecting it themselves. Moreover, in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, food safety became a vital public concern.

Noticing the lately popularizing food transparency trend, Getir decided to start a transparency project for its ultra-fresh produce category to encourage online ordering behavior by gaining consumers’ trust and differentiate itself from the competition.


Trusty by ForFarming is a platform that allows agricultural producers to easily show their production processes, analysis reports, certificates, and facility information to consumers by printing QR codes on the packages. It is a channel that emphasizes the quality of products by reaching consumers and promotes their sustainability, freshness, and safety. 

Getir only works with large-scale distributors. Getir and ForFarming began by getting Getir’s suppliers on board and starting a joint project.  Afterward, ForFarming designed unique QR code landing pages for Getir and customized the data entry fields to match Getir’s supply chain. Getir’s suppliers recorded all of their production processes on the customized data fields separately for each batch they produce and printed the respective QR codes of each batch to the packages of the products in those batches. Getir customers were able to scan these QR codes after their orders arrived to view how, where, and by whom each batch was produced.  


By using Trusty, Getir further proved its supply chains efficiency in the public’s eyes by transparently displaying its ability to deliver freshly harvested produce from farms to consumers’ homes very quickly. Getir also managed to promote the freshness, sustainability, and safety of its ultra-fresh produce; boosted consumer trust by improving its transparency; and reinforced its brand image as an innovative company by becoming one of the pioneers of widescale food transparency applications. 

In the initial two months of using Trusty, Getir has managed to:

  • get featured in multiple nation-wide news platforms to gain massive -attraction and improved the public’s perception of its brand,
  • and increase the total sales of their ultra-fresh produce category by over 9%.
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