How to Increase Your Sales and Be Ahead of Others In the Farmers’ Market? Pt 1/4: Being a Brand

How to Increase Your Sales and Be Ahead of Others In the Farmers’ Market? Pt 1/4: Being a Brand

If you’re a new or small-scale farmer, selling your produce at a farmers’ market creates a great opportunity to gain brand awareness and loyal customers. Also, selling directly to consumers increases your profits. However, to be able to sell and find new customers in such a highly competitive market, you need to be far ahead of other farmers in the farmers’ market.

We have listed 23 easy and effective steps under 4 topics you need to follow to increase your sales and become a recognized and preferred farmer in the market! And in this blog, you will see the first 4 of them.

Build a Brand Identity

First of all, don’t be only a farmer selling fresh food in the market, be a brand with fresh food products. Have a catchy brand name, a well-developed brand identity, and a compelling brand message to connect with your customers. This bond between your brand and your customer increases the loyalty of your customers and makes you memorable. When you start selling in different channels, your customers will recognize you as a brand. In addition, word of mouth marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for small producers. Being a brand, having a name and an identity makes it easier and more effective to talk about you, thus increasing word of mouth.

Define Unique Offerings

It is important to give consumers a reason to choose you. Therefore, you need to define your unique offer in the farmer’s market. You can be ahead of other farmers with the freshness and quality of your products, organic and sustainable production processes, rare species, food safety practices, etc. But don’t expect your customers to find your unique offer. Instead, show it to them before they even ask.

Create an Online Presence

The world we live in today is online in almost every aspect. Even if you reach your customers from the farmer’s market, you must also be present online to complete your brand. You should have an online presence, such as a website, social media account, and, if possible, an online marketplace. A well-managed online presence enriches your image, allows you to reach more people, and strengthens the bond between you and your customers. People love to hear stories, see pictures and learn the details behind the processes. Feel free to share your amazing plants and make the most of the online world.

Choose the Best Price

Profit is important, but customers also care about their money. Try not to be the “expensive one” in the market. The price may differ from each other as there are many farmers selling the same product. However, you should be careful not to set your price too above or below the average. After showing the customer your unique offer, they may be willing to pay more, but not much more than it’s worth. Likewise, if you try to make a difference at lower prices when you have premium products, diminished profits will cause you to go bankrupt.

In addition, simplifying your prices will be beneficial for both you and your customers. Products with simple prices like 3 or 5 will speed up your transactions and make shopping easier for your customers.

Last Touch

When you finally become a brand, don’t hesitate to tell your customers about your brand. Let them connect with you by knowing more about your brand, products and processes. However, you can’t find enough time to tell your story, highlight your unique offers and show the details of your production processes to your customers during the market transactions. This is where Trusty, the food transparency solution, will help you. In the Trusty panel, you can register your company, add your contact information and certificates, upload photos from your facility, and enter detailed information about your production processes. You can then show all this information to your customers through QR codes you print on packages, banners, signage, etc., or codes you put on your website and online store. By scanning your QR codes, it will take just minutes for your customers to learn more about your brand, product and processes. Visit, sign up and start using Trusty, the food transparency solution, easily today!

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