Importance of Smart Agriculture

Importance of Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture which we have begun to hear more recently, causes more people to turn to this sector with its advantages. In fact, contrary to what is known, what plants need is not soil, but vitamins and minerals that soil provides for their development. In addition, plants need carbon dioxide, water, oxygen and light to survive and grow. Plants also need carbon dioxide, water, oxygen and light to grow. In smart agriculture, you can grow fruits, vegetables and flowers comfortably by using a nutrient solution that contains the minerals they need instead of soil, so that instead of looking for minerals in the whole soil, plants will get nutrients easily and directly from the nutrient solution, which means your production will be much more efficient and fresh.

Moreover, with smart farming, you can maximize productivity in production. By using the nutrient solution containing the light, water and minerals required, you get the same yield in each harvest and your production costs are reduced thanks to the efficiency you gain. Since you do not use soil for all this production, you do not need purification applications.

Another important advantage of smart agriculture is that there is no need for purification practices. Because you run the process in indoor environment, smart agriculture prevents the spread of weeds, insects and diseases. In this way, you do not need chemical additives such as pesticides, you will not pollute the environment and your costs will be reduced.  And compared to traditional agriculture, you need less labor because there is no need to dig or remove weeds.

With ForFarming, one of the pioneers of this business in the world, it is easier to do smart agriculture than you think. ForFarming brings you practical solutions for healthy and quality production with Farmi and Farmio. Thanks to these solutions farmers, restaurants, fitness centers, hotels, schools can produce regardless of geographical conditions, which gives you the opportunity to farming in the city.

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