Precision Agriculture


Improve the yield and quality of your harvests with precision agriculture


Easily and reliably optimize your growing environment with Farmio according to the exact needs of your plants to achieve maximum yield and perfect quality every harvest.

A precision agriculture solution to cultivate the highest quality crops with maximum yield

Maximize yearly plant production
Precisely control the environmental conditions your plants are growing in and provide the optimal light, water, nutrients and climate to shorten growth cycles and increase harvest yields.
Improve the quality of your produce
Plants that grow under the optimal light, water, nutrition, and climate conditions provide better quality results after harvest. You can also precisely manage your environmental control settings to achieve a desired taste or texture.
Ensure perfect results every harvest
There is little room for error in order to get high-quality and high-yield harvests. Precisely controlling the environment and keeping it optimal at all times is necessary for reliably getting the same results every time.
Cloud-based precision agriculture solution for facilities of any size

Farmio for Precision Agriculture


Farmio easily connects to all hardware and sensors at your farm to turn your farm into a smart, autonomous system. Optimize all environmental conditions at your facility with Farmio to get the maximum yield with the highest quality at every harvest.

Real time monitoring


Farmio automatically monitors all environmental parameters in real time. This way, the software can immediately detect any deviations from the optimal state to take necessary actions and keep your plants under optimal growth conditions at all times.

Instant Notifications


Set parameters for your environment. Farmio will automatically control all of your systems according to real-time feedback from the sensor measurements to ensure all conditions are within the desired ranges.

AI assistance


Farmio plant growing recipes are generated by using the learnings from years of R&D and outputs of our machine learning algorithms analyzing millions of data points. Use the AI mode to control your environment according to Farmio recipes. 

Connect Farmio to whatever equipment you have on hand


Farmio has a wide range of third-party integrations so that you can utilize equipment that is the most available to you.


Lower Cost

Why spend additional money on hardware when you already have working devices? Farmio can connect to the devices you have, using very affordable communication equipment to save costs.

Shorter Lead Time

There is no need to wait for long shipment times to connect with Farmio. You can find everything you need from local suppliers.

Less Effort

You don’t have to renew all systems at your facility. Farmio can connect and improve all of your existing systems at any stage of automation.

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Get better harvest with less effort. Utilize cloud-based farm automation now!