Remote Monitoring


Always keep in touch with your farm from anywhere in the world


View all environmental conditions at your farm in real time. Get notified about how your automation system controls your devices, and receive instant alerts for any problems.

A remote monitoring solution to grant you total visibility at all times


Farmio has a wide range of third-party integrations so that you can utilize equipment that is the most available to you.

Stay connected to your farm even when you are away
View real-time data from all environmental conditions and the activity logs of your automation system so that you can relax knowing that your farm is in perfect condition.
Detect problems early
Receive alerts for suboptimal environmental conditions and suspected hardware failures so that you can avoid potential problems without having to check all equipment consistently.
Get the complete picture
Get a precise understanding of all aspects of your growth environment. See exactly under what conditions your plants are growing in at all times.
Cloud-based remote monitoring solution for indoor farms of any size

Farmio for Remote Monitoring


Farmio easily connects to all hardware and sensors at your farm to turn your farm into a smart, autonomous system. Use Farmio for remote monitoring to gain complete visibility of your farm at all times.

Real time monitoring


Farmio automatically monitors all environmental parameters and grants you total visibility in real time. This way, you can immediately detect any deviations from the optimal state to take necessary actions and keep your plants under optimal growth conditions at all times.

Instant Notifications


Receive instant alerts when any of your environmental parameters are outside of the desired range, or any of your systems are suspected to fail. This way, you can diagnose any problems early before causing any harm to your crops.

Device Logs


View the logs of the working times of your devices to understand how exactly they affect the environment, as well as confirm everything in your farm is going as it should. 

Connect Farmio to whatever equipment you have on hand


Farmio has a wide range of third-party integrations so that you can utilize equipment that is the most available to you.


Lower Cost

Why spend additional money on hardware when you already have working devices? Farmio can connect to the devices you have, using very affordable communication equipment to save costs.

Shorter Lead Time

There is no need to wait for long shipment times to connect with Farmio. You can find everything you need from local suppliers.

Less Effort

You don’t have to renew all systems at your facility. Farmio can connect and improve all of your existing systems at any stage of automation.

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