Smart Agriculture, Organic Farming

Smart Agriculture, Organic Farming

It is a clear fact that organic farming is beneficial to both human health and nature.  While organic farming is free of chemicals and hormones that are harmful for human health. It is also environmentally friendly and preserves the ecosystem.  In conventional agriculture, pesticides like fungicides and insecticides are often used for protecting the products from diseases and insects. These pesticides are not only harmful to the environment, but also residues on food are dangerous for human health. In smart agriculture, the plant receives the necessary vitamins and minerals from the nutrient solution instead of the soil which means there is no need for pesticides since there is no disease and insects.

In traditional agriculture plants are often controlled with herbicides which is another chemical. In smart agriculture plants are minimum and controlled naturally so there is no need for chemicals all process can run organically.

According to American Rivers Corporation, major water pollution in rivers is because of non-organic farming, such as toxic fertilizers, animal wastes and pesticides. Smart agriculture doesn’t need any non-organic process, so it can prevent the water pollution.

As we mentioned in our blog, organic farming is not only related to human health but also directly related to the environment. Thanks to ForFarming, more sustainable agricultural is possible. Smart agriculture, on the other hand, plays an important role as it focuses on organic agriculture. ForFarming makes it easier for producers to produce and encourages organic agriculture by combining smart and vertical farming solutions with technological infrastructure such as artificial intelligence and IoT. ForFarming which makes your agricultural production practical with the new generation solutions, you can follow the whole production process from your smart phones and you can make 100% organic production from anywhere. With ForFarming solutions, you can build environmentally friendly agricultural facilities, and you can provide a modern farming process that is both cost-effective and does not require chemical use.

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