The Complete Guide to Diagnosing Plant Diseases With AI

The Complete Guide to Diagnosing Plant Diseases With AI

Every farmer must deal with plant diseases when growing plants at some point. The sooner the disease of the plant is noticed and the sooner it is cured, the better product will be produced. Making timely and accurate diagnoses is a key point to save and grow the plant.

Diagnosis of plant disease is dependent mainly on observations of the symptoms of the disease and the presence of a pathogenic agent in or on diseased tissues. While the use of artificial intelligence in agriculture is becoming more and more widespread, one of the features it provided was the diagnosis of disease. AI technology helps diagnose plant diseases, pests, and malnutrition on farms, and AI sensors can detect and identify weeds.

Crops are highly prone to different diseases due to a large number of pathogens present in their environment. Some of these disease pathogens are virus organisms, whereas others are fungal or bacterial. Crop diseases can reduce productivity by 10% to 95%, resulting in a significant decrease in the quantity and quality of agricultural production. Therefore, early identification of diseases is crucial to avoid huge losses and reduce the excessive use of pesticides, which can harm human health and the environment. Manual identification of crop diseases is both fastidious and inaccurate, meaning it is only feasible in small farms. In contrast, automatic disease detection is significantly more accurate and takes less time and labor.

AI plant disease diagnosis tools are tools for making disease diagnoses from photos of plants. The image sensing and analysis make sure that the plant leaf images are segmented into surface areas like background, diseased area, and non-diseased area of the leaf. The important step to take right actions after diagnosing the disease is the disease stage identification.

Disease Stage Identification: Each disease has several stages. Identification of disease forecasting will help agriculturists to take proper actions and precautions to reduce damage percentage.

Early detection of plant diseases with AI allows plants to be saved at the right time to increase yields. With our new feature in Farmi, we enable you to diagnose plant diseases and treat them quickly.

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