The Importance of Technology on Agriculture

The Importance of Technology on Agriculture

The world is becoming more and more connected with digital technology. Mobile devices are getting smaller, faster, cheaper and more efficient. Many industries overcome the challenges of their industries by making use of these innovations. In this blog, we will talk about technologies that create changes in traditional agriculture.

Genetic Engineering

Nowadays, some plants are genetically produced which makes them resistant to insects and other conditions and at the same time produces good yields.

Smart Water Systems

About 70 percent of all fresh water worldwide is used for agriculture. However, about 60 percent of this water is wasted. Intelligent systems warn farmers of leaks and equipment malfunctions, alleviate this and allow them to remotely control water pumps.


Through IoT based technologies, observation of agricultural areas and remotely control is provided from smartphones and tablets. Thanks to this technology, optimal conditions for each stage of production are provided, required data are collected and processed. With IoT, temperature and humidity levels of the greenhouse can be monitored remotely, and air conditioning can be done which increases the productivity. In addition, work accidents are reduced to a minimum and cost is reduced.

Management Systems

Greenhouse management software manages and optimizes the production activities of greenhouses. It also facilitates the monitoring and analysis of all activities by automating the recording and storage of data.


The drones can take detailed pictures of the crop. From images or live video, it can be seen exactly which parts of the area are fighting diseases, insects or lack of water. Thanks to drones, farmers may examine the area faster.

With the developments that we have mentioned in our article, we can say that the oldest sector of history, agriculture is transforming and developing day by day. With the current geographical and social conditions, it is a fact that the future of agriculture should be technology oriented. Thanks to ForFarming IoT-based technologies, farmers can produce completely natural in agriculture-free areas without the use of drugs. With stylishly designed Farmi solutions, you can grow healthy and fresh products from supermarkets to restaurants, from hotels to offices wherever you want, all year round, regardless of seasonal conditions. Like many of our innovative customers, you can prefer ForFarming’s artificial intelligence based solutions for organic and intelligent farming.

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