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Trusty – Closing the
Gaps in the Global
Food Supply Chain

We are connecting all food producers, distributors, and
retailers to transform the food supply chain into a safer,
more sustainable, and more efficient smart ecosystem.


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The fresh produce supply chain is more developed today than ever before, reaching across borders to meet consumer demand for more product variety. Food traceability addresses the problems created by this new complexity.

Food Quality
& Freshness

Supply Chain

Safety &

Branding &

Trusty helps you provide the best quality food to your customers at all times.


of consumers
switch brands
after experiencing
low quality 3 times (1)

  • See all certificates and production processes of your suppliers to ensure the highest quality standards. Get independent quality analysis reports for each batch.
  • Know current plantings, expected harvest dates and amounts, available goods, and expected delivery times of all of your suppliers at all times to improve your supply planning accuracy.
  • Food products spend 50% of their useful lives on average until they reach consumers.(2) Trusty helps you decrease that time so that your products would be delivered fresher to your customers.

Trusty can help you decrease all wastes in your supply chain by up to 50%.


of all fresh fruit and
vegetables harvested
get lost in the supply

  • Track all steps of the supply chain and know exactly where and when losses occur, which processes cause them, and implement specific countermeasures for those processes to minimize wastes.
  • Immutable records of all processes, certificates, reports, and other documents in the blockchain make your quality control processes much easier and effective.
  • View the performances of all of your suppliers in terms of defective product rates and lead times to avoid problems in your supply chain.

Trusty helps you comply to global food safety standards and avoid costly incidents.


are lost only in US due
food safety
incidents each year

  • Trusty is compliant with many of the regulations of global authorities such as GS1, GTS, and ISO 22005:2007 to reduce your risk of having food safety incidents.
  • Complete forward and backward tracking of all batches enables you to decrease the cost of a recall by 90% by precisely finding the cause of a potential food safety incident, detecting and specifically recalling only the other products affected by the same processes immediately.(6)
  • Acquire perfect information from all of your supply chain in a matter of minutes to take critical action instantly during a food safety crisis.

Trusty helps you set your products apart from your competition.


of people are
concerned about food
safety issues such as
pesticides and

  • 92% of consumers prefer food that is produced sustainably and ethically.(9) Display all of your and your supplier’s certificates and all production processes of your products transparently to your customers to prove the sustainability and ethicality of your products.
  • Display post-harvest analysis reports, seed information, food safety and quality certificates of your suppliers to the consumers to reassure them about the safety, quality, and freshness of your products.
  • Improve your brands recognition through the traceabbility screen with custom branding elements and links to your website or social media.

Customizable for
All Food Commodities

Trusty blockchain and API infrastructure are very flexible so that the application can be customized to realistically reflect all stakeholders and processes of supply chains at any level of complexity.

Easy Adoption & Early
Return on Investment

Trusty is designed to benefit companies at any level of technological maturity from the get-go, and it doesn’t require costly technological investments and complete integration of all stakeholders.

Secure & Immutable
Data Stored in Blockchain

The data stored on the blockchain is encrypted, so only permitted parties can view it. Blockchain hashes verify that the data is not tempered with ensuring authenticity of the data.