Vertical Agricultural Application in Luxury Restaurants

Vertical Agricultural Application in Luxury Restaurants

The practice of vertical farming is a method of doing soilless agriculture unlike the traditional methods. Recently in Turkey, people are coming in frequently raised question marks on the head after being frequently associated with traditional methods of vertical farming is an agricultural activity in the direction of a kind of savior.

Inferiority of fruits and vegetables, in the transition of the seasons, people could not grow the product they wanted and many problems (weather problems, soil problems, difficulty in following) started to push people towards vertical agriculture. In this way, the freshness of fruit and vegetables, lack of soil requirement in growing environments and easy to follow and play a much more effective and effective role in the process are just a few of the biggest benefits of vertical agriculture.

If another perspective need to look at, Farmi which ensure fresh and healthy goods without any agricultural knowledge and 365 days production availability and Farmio which ensure 7/24 monitoring of temperature, humidity, light, CO2 and pH values of goods with artificial intelligence system with advanced algorithms are developed by ForFarming.

And now, people can follow their dreams and place the Farmi into the houses, workplaces, supermarkets or can create an amazing ecosystem by placing Farmi into the luxury restaurants.
Especially in luxury restaurants, from decorating the space to providing a healthy environment to customers, this system developed by ForFarming creates a very different atmosphere. Farmi offers healthy detox drinks and meals with different kinds of fruits, vegetables or plants available for customers.

ForFarming’s idea for luxury restaurants and people who want to stay away from unhealthy food is a must-try.

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