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What Are the Smart Agriculture Techniques?

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The population of the earth is rapidly increasing, as a result the demand for the food also increases. Furthermore, humans are expecting to consume fruits and vegetables throughout the entire year. In order to supply the increasing demand ‘’Greenhouses’’ are becoming more important. With the latest technological developments like vertical farming the crop yields are increasing, and the environmental issues are becoming less dangerous for the farming industry. With vertical farming, farmers don’t use chemicals like pesticide so the whole process is running environmentally friendly. That’s why vertical farming has important role on sustainable environment. Here are some of the most common vertical farming techniques:


Hydroponics is one of the oldest vertical farming. It is a method of growing plants without soil by instead using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. With this method, plants take the all vitamins and minerals they need by nutrient solutions, so the vegetables grown by this method are as nutritious as they grown in soil.


This is a method of growing plants without soil and with very little water. With this method farmers can grow plants vertically and horizontally which means they can save lots of space.  This system is %100 safe and help environment decreasing the water usage and reducing the labor force.


Aquaponics is another common indoor farming method. It is a method of raising fish and cultivating plants. With this method farmers are raising fish in tanks with soilless plant culture. The nutrient-rich water from fish farming provides a natural fertilizer for plants, and plants help to clean water for fish. We can say that it is the method that combines traditional agriculture and hydroponics.

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